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"Thank you so much! I did all of your workouts daily and thanks to you I'm in better shape than I was three months ago, ready for an outdoor summer!" - TSH Fit Participant

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Total Body Burn

Subscribe to gain access to all of our total body workouts! Lower body, HIIT, Upper body, and much more! Each total body can be adjusted and customized to your own personal ability, fitness level, and preference. All total body workouts can be done either at home or in the gym! Get ready to sweat with these workouts!

All About Abs

Do more with a strong core! When you subscribe you can follow along with our favorite ab workouts and moves. A strong core is a strong foundation, so get some effective workouts and some variety!

Stretch and Release

Relax and destress with one of our stretch classes! These stretch routines will not only feel great, but they will help you loosen and lengthen your muscles, increase your range of motion, and improve your joint mobility. Most importantly they help you relax and feel good!

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  • The Ultimate Upper Body Workout

    1 video

    This one is sure to get your upper body burning! We're bringing you a strength workout to build muscle, build muscle endurance, and fire your core. Equipment being used is a set of dumbbells, a medicine ball, an exercise ball, and a mat. Sean is using 15 pound dumbbells, 10 pound dumbbells, and a...

  • BOSU Ball Ab Attack

    1 video

    Bosu Abs is a kick butt ab workout that is very effective. Using a Bosu ball gives you a much larger range of motion and lower back support to ensure that you are firing your abdominal muscles. Along with a little bit of stabilizing the upper body, having strong abs is a great way to improve your...

  • Dynamic Stretch

    1 video

    This 20 minute dynamic stretch with Sean helps you loosen you up, relax your breath, and uses a little bit of foam rolling. There are a lot of benefits that come from dynamic stretching, and you get even more benefits when you combine it with foam rolling, breath work, and a few static stretches....

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